7 tips for improving performance of Company LinkedIn Pages

Increasing reach and engagement on company posts

Are company LinkedIn pages on the up?

At a time when many individuals are reporting declining or variable numbers in reach and engagement of their LinkedIn posts, company posts seem to be making a resurgence.

We’ve seen a noticeable uptick in the reach and engagement of company posts for clients so far in 2022. Organic average impressions and engagement per post, are both up by more than 50% compared to 2021.

Historically, company LinkedIn pages have had a limited role to play compared to the presence and activity of the individuals within the firm. We all tend to scroll past company posts and much of the engagement they get inevitably only comes from employees. But is that changing?

It is still a ‘free’ channel to increase awareness, especially if you’re using it to distribute quality content that address key themes for clients, rather than just push out bland sales messages.

This is what we found has worked over the last few months, but what are you seeing on your company LinkedIn content:

How we’ve improved performance of clients’ company LinkedIn pages

1) Be Consistent

Post consistently to a planned content pipeline, 4-5 posts per week seems to work best (although this will vary according to the size of company). Include a variety of content within agreed themes that are consistent with the overall marketing objectives.

2) People first

Showcase individuals, their expertise, personalities and careers. In professional services, people are your product and people content resonates more.

3) Build Authority

Use LinkedIn activity to amplify regular press coverage of key content within industry publications. This add authority to the content being promoted on LinkedIn, while the press coverage adds reach.

4) Post with your clients in mind

Invest time in creating quality rather than quantity of content. Focus on content that explores the client’s issues and challenges rather than just sales-led content that only promotes services.

5) Maintain a balance

People, insight, news. Keep corporate announcements targeted and balanced with other content.

6) Review and repurpose

Continually analyse what content is working and what isn’t. Repackage and republish the best content regularly as many won’t have seen it originally.

7) Stop staff sharing!

Really. So many staff think they’re helping by sharing company posts. Educate them that it’s the least effective form of engagement and does virtually nothing to help spread the reach of the original post. Train and help them to comment, like or even better, create their own posts.

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